Due to the gap of perception between parents and children on the topic of video games and reading, a lot of gaming companies have been developing video games after famous books that young people read. Not only does it make the actual consumer of the game for their child, which is the parent comfortable, but it has also ushered in an age where parents no longer must feel a sort of unease when it comes to their children’s entertainment wants because the educational component found in the book, is met. It also means children continuously remember the stories they have read when playing Spider Solitaire or other kind of games.

Top Video and PC Games

Some top video and pc games after books include Assassins Creed, which is the story of a Slovenian era where assassins were forced to fight for the peace of the poor. The game is said to draw its inspirations from the book Alamut which was published in the year 1938. Another favorite is Halo, which is an action-packed military game sharing its spot in military interest with games like Call of Duty and Battlefield. The PC game talk would not be complete without noting Keija Inafune’s Mega Man whose book is one of many Japanese art books which have inspired video games and TV series.

Famous Books Written After Games

A lot of video games are noted for their inspiration borrowed from famous books however there is a growing interest in authors who have sought to understand the growing frenzy in video games. As a result, we have a couple to share. One is The Tetris Effect written by Dan Ackerman who sees on how the game has held gamers interests for some decades. Another book to note is The Making of The Prince of Persia written by Jordan Mechner and Danica Novgorodoff. This book tells us about the author’s journey making the game and his inspirations.